About Us

We deliver to:

All ages.

All genders.

All levels of custody.

Since 1992, Criminon Florida has provided its rehabilitative program to thousands of offenders in hundreds of institutions throughout Florida. Thanks to its success and word of mouth spreading like wildfire, it has now expanded to cover 12 states of the Southeastern United States - and the number of officials and inmates requesting the program keeps increasing.

Our program modalities range from distance learning courses delivered through the mail to intensive on-site delivery models.

Types of Criminon Program Applications

Adult Distance Learning Programs
On-site Adult Programs
On-site Juvenile Programs
Transitional / Re-entry Programs, residential or day community center
Training Programs for those working in the criminal justice field
We are flexible in our delivery, using the format most suitable to any specific facility, environment or available resources.


"Criminon has been more than helpful in my journey to becoming a brand new person. I’ve gained knowledge about parenting skills, learning and how to live a happier life. I can’t even put into words how life changing simple things can be. Placing virtues and morals back into my life I’ve done a full 360 degrees in just a few short months. I wake up happy and ready for whatever may come my way. I have a new reason to live and I’m enjoying every minute of it. "
- A. W.


Please feel free to contact Criminon Florida at info@criminonfl.org with any questions or requests for more information on our services