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If there was NO CRIME in your environment, how would that affect your life? Would you support a program that handled the source of criminality in your environment? Of course you would.


We deliver courses and programs to inmates in 12 States of the US. The CRIMINON program dramatically restores hope, decency and creates safer environments.

We work with at-risk youth and take an active role in community crime prevention activities.
CRIMINON graduates routinely return to their communities as ethical and productive citizens. More than 2,000 people participate in the program with Criminon Florida. Yet there is still a tremendous amount to be done, including judicial reform that supports true rehabilitation and correction.

YOUR support is vitally needed in order to carry out the tremendous scope of this task: a world where there is NO CRIME.

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"This course truly changed the way I view myself and the world as a whole. It profoundly opened my eyes to a new better way of living. I have suggested this course to everyone I associate with because I feel it’d change their life for the better also. I’m on the way to happiness!"
- C. S.


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