L. Ron Hubbard

Criminon Florida utilizes research discoveries made by American  author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, who personally worked as a Special Officer for the Los Angeles Police Department in the late 1940s.

Mr. Hubbard discovered that every criminal career began with a loss of self-respect. When a man could no longer trust himself, only then did he become a real threat to society.

As early as 1952, Mr. Hubbard began a criminal rehabilitation program with juvenile delinquents in London, England. After two decades of research developments, the Criminon program was born.

About L. Ron Hubbard

“I like to help others,” L. Ron Hubbard once wrote, “and count it as my greatest pleasure in life to see a person free himself of the shadows which darken his days.”

That purpose was the reason for more than half a century of research into methods to improve the human condition.

Most important to Mr. Hubbard throughout his research was to achieve a workable solution to the problems of ethics, always searching for a methodology that would produce consistent and uniform results.

From the start, Mr. Hubbard had seen the effects of criminal behavior from the top down and from the bottom up. After witnessing the execution of a prisoner, he realized that killing a man was not justice, but merely a type of revenge. It was not a solution. Nor did locking a person away for life solve the problem. In his own words, “All one learns in a cage is that he has indeed become an animal.”

Continuing to search for the one common denominator that marked anyone’s start of a career in crime, Mr. Hubbard found that the loss of self-respect is what brought about any life of lawlessness and criminality.

To remedy this, Mr. Hubbard developed the workable methodology which is available today in the Criminon program.

L. Ron Hubbard as a Special  Officer in Los Angeles

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