Criminon Program

The Criminon program and its delivery models fit the needs of any type of offender population. It is easily implemented by all correctional institutions, such as those under the Department of Corrections, Jails and Juvenile Detention Centers.

It consists of a series of courses that address why a person turns to a life of crime to begin with, using the research discoveries of Author and Humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

The Criminon program is delivered in a secular format so any inmate from any religion can participate. On this page you will see the different ways the program can be facilitated.

Distance Learning Courses

Criminon Florida can deliver the program as a series of distance learning courses that are done in an exact sequence. They cover a variety of topics needed for an offender's rehabilitation. The lessons are developed so the student not only learns the information, but also can evaluate their past behavior and assume responsibility for what they have done and thus change their criminal ways.

Each student has an assigned supervisor who encourages and assists them through the courses. Students receive the materials and lessons in the mail and get a certificate for each course.

Below you can see the main courses of the program.

The Way to Happiness

This course is the cornerstone of the Criminon program, as it restores an individual’s self-respect, trust and honesty, thereby changing criminal thinking and attitudes. It centers on the booklet The Way to Happiness, a non-religious, common sense code of conduct consisting of 21 precepts.


Learning Improvement

This course gives a person the tools needed to really understand and apply what he or she has studied. It gives the main reason why a person gives up study and it teaches how to study correctly, preparing inmates to acquire any job skills and therefore becoming able to get and hold an honest job.


The Truth About Drugs

This course covers the “hows and whys” of drug addiction and how one goes about becoming free from the hold that drugs can have over a person.


Personal Integrity

In this course, students learn why it is important to be honest with oneself and others and the consequences if one is not. This course has helped many inmates get back into communication with their relatives and shows them they are responsible for their actions.


Ups and Downs in Life

This course covers the reason why inmates’ lives are a “roller coaster” (improving and then worsening), as well as how to identify and handle anti-social personalities and their negative influences.


Parenting Skills

This course provides the tools one needs to raise children so they become happy, loving, productive and valued members of society - and so they don’t follow a criminal path.


Conditions of Life

This course deals directly with the various states, or conditions, an individual can be in, in any area of his or her life, and teaches the exact steps one must follow in order to improve that condition.


On-Site Seminars

An on-site seminar is delivered at the institution to a group of juvenile or adult offenders. This is a special delivery setting that promotes the immediate participation of the students, inviting them to both understand and apply the knowledge provided.

Designed to accommodate the needs of every institution, it can be delivered either by a volunteer, a trained Correctional Officer or other staff member, or an inmate who has completed one or more Criminon courses and who wants to help rehabilitate others.

The Way to Happiness Seminar

The Way to Happiness Seminar teaches a non-religious moral code in an engaging, easy-to-understand format. High-quality videos present moral principles as varied as “Take Care of Yourself”  and “Do Not Murder”. After each principle is presented the facilitator uses a prepared set of questions to lead the students through a group discussion. Additionally, this seminar requires each student practice treating others the way they would like to be treated. The changes are nothing short of miraculous and they learn 21 ideal qualities of good human conduct such as kindness, honesty, respect and self-control.

The Truth About Drugs Seminar

In The Truth About Drugs Seminar, students first learn what drugs are and how they affect one physically and mentally.  This is followed by a series of hard-hitting videos, each illustrating the effects and dangers of the most commonly abused drugs. After each such video, the drug and its effects are examined in a facilitator-led group discussion.

Communication Tools Course

In this course, inmates are taught how to comfortably interact with others and communicate constructively so as to avoid conflict. The students learn how to remain calm in the face of hostility or adversity, maintaining self-control and handling the situation with communication alone and without violence.

L. Ron Hubbard as a Special  Officer in Los Angeles

Read what L. Ron Hubbard discovered when working as a Special Officer.



"The Criminon program is by far the most amazing program I have ever done… This course has truly changed my life and opened my eyes to all the negative stuff in my life. It showed me how to be a better person to myself and others... Thank you again for this opportunity that you give incarcerated people."
- X.R-C.


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