Criminon Success

Criminon Success

Criminon Florida has an ever-increasing number of students enrolled on the program - students who are regaining their self-respect and who have life-changing realizations, such as the ones you will read about here.

Criminon Statistics

students enrolled

Criminon Florida has almost 2,000 students enrolled on the program and this number is continually increasing.

new students

Due to the success of the program, students are letting other inmates know about its effectiveness and in one week alone Criminon could have up to 100 new inmates requesting the program.


Criminon Florida, founded in 1992, started delivering in prisons only in Florida. Since then the chapter has expanded and is now delivering to 12 States in the Southeastern US.

correctional institutions

Criminon has students working on their rehabilitation in over 200 correctional institutions, including prisons, jails and juvenile detention centers.

130 volunteers

Criminon is 130 volunteers strong, with more joining its ranks on a weekly basis.

Below are some of the thousands of Successes received by Criminon Florida!

“I was a professional criminal all my life: a drug dealer, an armed robber, rip-off artist, con artist, thief and liar. And I was completely and totally sick to death of myself....
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“This course made me take a good look at myself in so many ways. I have become a stronger and more confident person. I now take a whole new outlook on life and how I conduct myself..
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“I learned that by applying virtues to my life, I can become a better person and be very happy. I also learned that by treating people how I want to be treated changes my whole disposition...
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"This course has brought me confidence and self-worth..."
"I had been incarcerated nearly three months when I was first introduced to Criminon. At that time I was depressed and angry, hopeless. All there was to lose, I had lost - or so I thought...”
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"The course has even given me back my hope and faith."
“My success story starts when I took and completed the Criminon course 'The Way to Happiness'. I’ve been incarcerated in prison since I was 18 years old and now I’m 37 years old...”
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"I have discovered a great deal about myself and how to live. "
“Until recently, I have lived my life and based my decisions on one principle, If it feels good and it seems right, then do it. This principle is not a good way for one to be successful or ensure one's survival...
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"For me, two words define clearly the overall message of 'The Way to Happiness' extension course: Truth and Love."
Dear Criminon, I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to enroll in and be a participant in the Criminon Rehabilitation Program. 'The Way to Happiness' extension course has been for me...”
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"I had no parents to teach me morals and values as a teen so I learned the hard way, but now thanks to this course I know a better way."
"The success I received from 'The Way to Happiness' has allowed me to be in control of my emotions and have a better understanding of my inter-turmoils and how if not kept in order or dealt with properly they can affect me and..."
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“I have learned more about drugs than I’ve ever known because of this course. This course has now helped me to make changes inmy life where drugs are concerned...”
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“I learned how important word usage is and how it influences my perception of things I study and the world around me. I now lookup every word I don’t understand so I may understand the word and don’t have a misconception of...”
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A Poem by a Criminon Graduate
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“By using 'The Way to Happiness' I have been able to understand what and how drugs and other things have not only affected me but my family and friends. ..
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“I really enjoyed the course. I have learned the reason why I took medication. I started taking it because of the pain. Then I started taking more because I liked the way it made me feel. I used to deny that I was addicted..."
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“This course helped me to realize what has been hindering my learning and remembrance of things. The main thing being to know the full and exact meaning of every single word I read...
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“After completing this course I found it easier to understand my Bible studies and other courses I am taking. During this course my supervisor made sure I understood...
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"I can't go in the past and re-do what is done. However, I can take what I have learned from this course into the future."
"While taking the Understanding and Overcoming Addiction Course I have learned that people take drugs to ease pain. I remember at first thinking that this was not true, because I remember the first time I did heroin which..."
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"It brought forth in me a desire to change, and easy steps to take to achieve change…"
“I spent 19 years of my life, as a member of a California Prison Gang. Living a life void of morals and virtues, filled with vice and violence. On the streets or behind the walls of prison…
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"Slowly but surely I’m learning to 'trust' and socialize with others again as well as respect and love all of humanity."
"By me being a victim and a product of a high crime risk, and an extremely violent environment on the west-side of south-central Los Angeles: I was inflicted with a strong sense of distrust, rage and other..."
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"I have discovered a great deal about myself and how to live. I have cried and laughed to myself while doing this course. With the encouragement and genuine care and concern of my supervisor, Kathie, I have found The Way to Happiness Correspondence Course to be the primary source of my new found self-respect, dignity and hope. It’s allowed me to actually stop using heroin — for the very first time in 16 years!"
- M. D.


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