Criminon Mission and Goals

Our Mission

To eradicate recidivism by rehabilitating inmates, enabling them to return to their communities as contributing, productive citizens, thus achieving a society where individuals and families can live and prosper in a safe environment.
We are achieving that by…
  • Addressing the reason why a person turns to a life of crime to begin with, as well as other factors which precipitate criminal behavior.
  • Providing educational tools and life skills, including effective literacy, thus helping offenders to get and hold an honest job.
  • Providing education on drugs and their consequences to offenders and those on probation and parole.
  • Assisting the criminal justice system to bring about reforms that will accomplish real criminal rehabilitation and thereby eradicating recidivism.

Our Goals

A society where criminals get rehabilitated and become productive and contributing citizens, thereby eradicating recidivism and drastically reducing crime in society.
The Criminon program can also help…
  • To reduce recidivism by rehabilitating individuals involved in the criminal justice system.  This is done through an educative curriculum that restores self-respect and enables individuals to return to the workforce as useful members of society.
  • To provide programs which give workable alternatives to incarceration and which direct "at risk" youth to more productive activities.
  • To bring about ability and competence in an individual, where he/she has a sense of his/her own dignity, worth and integrity and where the person is sufficiently empowered to continue to learn and develop.
  • To create a safer, happier and more prosperous society, composed of ethical, productive and responsible individuals and stronger families.


"The Criminon program has been an awesome experience. I often find myself going back through my courses, reminding myself how to deal with certain things life throws at me. I feel as if I have an armored battle suit on permanently and I’m ready to go out and face the world. Thank you Criminon!"
- D. S.


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