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Conditions of Life Course


Offenders often lack the ability to recognize just how far they have wandered from acceptable conduct, much less legal behavior, and even then do not possess the knowledge or know-how to correct the problem and regain good standing.

The information in this course deals directly with the various states, or conditions, one can be in, in any area of his life. This course also gives the student the skills necessary to correctly evaluate how well or how poorly he is doing in that area of his life, and teaches the exact steps one must do in order to improve his condition, whether it's high on the scale or low.

Successes often show how the course has helped offenders see their way out of their poor condition in regards to society, and those they may have harmed, and also how this knowledge can be put to use in a friendship, on the job, in a family, or just with oneself.

“This course has enabled me to apply the conditions in my life to reach my fullest potential and means to make it in life. I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to reach their goals and who needs those little steps needed to achieve their goals. Thank you Criminon for introducing me to these 'Conditions of Life' so now I may too begin to reach my highest potential. This course has been a great help to my life.”

- S.B.