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The Truth About Drugs Course


Currently, almost half of all crimes in the United States are related to drugs or are committed while the person is on drugs [1]. The handling of drug addiction and education which serves to keep someone from using drugs both go a long way in handling the problems of crime.

Drugs have become a major problem for society. No area of life is untouched by this problem. Crime and violence are the most obvious result. But lack of morals and moral education, high school drop outs and even ruined lives are just as common.

This course teaches the student exactly what drugs are and the short and long-term effects they have on the body and mind. It explains how and why one becomes addicted to drugs in the first place.

Those who study this course have routinely commented that having this information on drugs and their true effects is invaluable.

Some students have even helped other inmates stop taking drugs.

"This course has opened my eyes by helping me to see how I was helping people destroy their lives being that I am a former drug dealer. I knew drugs were bad but never knew the effects they have on a person’s mind and body. I know I can’t change my past, but I could possibly help others not to use or quit through being an advocate talking to kids about the dangers of using drugs. I can speak confidently about the effects of drugs now knowing the truth about them and from what I saw and experienced as a former dealer. Thank you so much for this course."

- B.M.