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The Way To Happiness Course

THE KEY TO INMATE SELF-RESPECT, TRUST AND HONESTY… and the solution to criminal behavior and recidivism

How does an individual become a criminal? If you could look deep into every criminal’s past, you would find each turned to crime at an exact point: the moment they lost their self-respect.

The solution to criminal behavior and recidivism is restoring an individual’s self respect. The Way to Happiness Course helps inmates do just that. Each of the 21 precepts or rules for better living deals with a specific area or activity, and shows why following such a code of conduct will actually lead to a better life. It is this understanding which helps the individual realize why ethical behavior is the way to a happier and more productive life for themselves and those around them.
The key to this course is the final practical assignment where the student is required to apply what they have studied. They must demonstrate their ability to use the precepts in their own lives, and in this way they see their workability for themselves.

In effect, the common sense code of conduct taught in this course replaces an inmate’s ‘criminal code of conduct’. This has been proven time and time again as thousands of inmates in hundreds of prisons across Criminon Florida’s jurisdiction have successfully completed this course. As the warden of a prison in Elmore, Alabama asked: “How can something so simple be so powerful?
We offer The Way to Happiness both as a distance learning course and as an on-site seminar (facilitated by Criminon volunteers, prison officials or inmates who have themselves completed the course).
Both teaching methods are easy to implement and run in any correctional environment. Once it gets rolling in a facility, it can become “self-generating” as it did in Everglades Correctional Institution, where more than 600 inmates have already started the Criminon program.

The Way to Happiness program has been used throughout the world by correctional officers, parole and probation officers, prison counselors, correctional facility instructors and educators, community volunteer organizations working with prisons, in half-way houses… the list goes on.

It’s time to offer inmates a chance to regain their self-respect, a chance to become responsible, trustworthy, productive citizens. The results may surprise you.

"During the completion of this course, I have rediscovered myself, regained my confidence and self-respect and also relearned what it means to be a hardworking, respectable individual. I used to get angry or jealous when I saw someone flourishing and prospering, only because I wasn’t. During this course I realized I had the power and knowledge to better myself, only I wasn’t. I was too busy wallowing in my sorrows. Using drugs and alcohol to temporarily easy my pains, when I should have been fighting to get my life back. Thanks to the first course of this program, I’m already doing better in my decision making and in my ability to do what’s right. Thank you Criminon for helping me get a new start, for putting me on a high speed road to happiness and for showing me where the edges are."

- R.E.