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Learning Improvement Course


The correlation between criminal behavior and illiteracy is well documented. Failures in school and education can directly translate into crime and violence on the street.

The Criminon Program handles this deficiency head-on with the Learning Improvement Course, which teaches the student how to study, how to overcome the barriers to comprehension, and how to retain knowledge. It enables one to study any subject and learn the material effectively, so that he may then apply it immediately in life, with success.

Ultimately, why does one study? So he can use what he has learned. But not knowing how to study and effectively learn a subject or craft can bar the road to real life application and success, not to mention something as basic as getting and holding a job.

On this course, students are taught the barriers to learning and how to recognize and overcome them. They are also taught how to look up and define words so that they are understood, whether in books or conversation. And most importantly, they are taught how to apply what is being learned so that it can be used. In effect, students on this course learn how to learn.

Successes from this course consistently acknowledge the fact that it is a vital skill for future training, not just in the Criminon Program, but in life. Students often feel for the first time that they can master any subject or craft, and that they can then build a career from what they've learned.

“This course hit right at home for me. I have always had problems with studying. Now that I have learned the reasons why I have given up in the past I can do better. I have always thought it was me, that I was just “stupid” and couldn’t learn. But when you bring these tips into the learning circle, it opens up a whole new mind set. Just having something to refer to when you are studying makes a 100% difference. Thank you.”

- W.P.