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Personal Integrity Course


The loss of integrity and self-respect are very real factors when considering an individual's descent into crime and unethical behavior. The recovery of both is the main concern of this course.

It begins with basic principles and culminates with exact steps the student can use to help himself – or another – regain personal integrity through the inspection of past harmful actions and then taking responsibility for them. The student must discover for himself what he did wrong and what should have been done instead.

The course also shows the student why maintaining integrity in the future is a central factor in one's own strength and happiness, and exactly how this can be done on a practical level. Ultimately, it is the recovery of his own self-trust which makes his rehabilitation viable, and that is exactly what this course delivers.

“I learned a lot about myself and the person I used to be. Like there are others in this world besides myself. The world doesn’t revolve around me. That when having relationships with others there are morals that we should live by. I also learned that I have to own up for my wrongs and the bad choices I made in life. I also learned that I don’t always have to react in a negative way when something negative happens to me. Also, I don’t always have to be right.”

- A.H.